Dale Freeman

Guitars, Ukulele, Drumming, Drum & Guitar Ensembles, School Music Programs


Dale Freeman began playing and performing guitar 15 years ago. Beginning in local Dubbo youth bands Dale played in a variety of local Dubbo concerts. Dale also performed in and co-arranged pieces for the Delroy High School band while studying music theory under the tuition of Steve Parry.


In 1998 Dale became a co founder/producer/director of the 'Back To The Grind Youth Music Festival' running over 4 consecutive years and featuring 18 hours straight of live Dubbo music and musicians, it helped to showcase Dubbo's large variety of musical talents.


In 1999 Dale enrolled at the Macquarie Conservatorium of Music and studied Classical Guitar under Greg Gordon for 18 months, becoming a skilled and competent classical guitarist. Since the year 2000 Dale has also


studied Banjo, Lapsteel Guitar, Mandolin, Banjolin, Ukulele, Bass guitar and Dulcimer. Dale also studied the history of Classical music, Jazz and rock in this period of time and played and toured to Queensland, Sydney, Newcastle, and Canberra. Locally Dale has performed solo guitar pieces ranging from Bach and Beethoven to the Beatles and Santana at the Claypan Gallery. He also runs a youth music night at the Pastoral Hotel every second Tuesday. Where he performs with and promotes the younger bands and musicians in Dubbo.


For the past 4 years Dale has also been involved in the DATS musicals and pantomimes, playing bass guitar. Dale also performs regularly at the Midnight Cafe as well as private functions playing a wide variety of both musical styles and instruments depending on the situation.